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Chocssuit panif lomas


Sponge mini-cake filled with milk jam covered with frosting flavor chocolate or covered with chocolate.

This product had us great satisfaction and big experience about Exportation. Temperature support: 42º
Self life: 150 days

Each box contains 40 units of 30 gr. each.
Measure Box:
0,20 x 0.24 x 0.12 = 0,0058 m3
Container 20:
5.000 boxes.
Self life: 150 days

Presentation: Blister:

Interior Blister: It contains 6 unit.
Net weight 180 gr.
Exterior Box:
It contains 30 Blisters.
Measure Box:
0,52 x 0,37 x 0,15 = 0,029 m3
Container 40:
2.000 boxes.

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Blister chocssuit panif lomas